A huge dog sitting on her owner’s lap, HOW CUTE!

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It’s a very cute thing when you find your dog coming to sit on your lap; it’s very heartwarming to see how they are feeling safe, but what if this dog is just a big one? It turns out to be the funniest thing of all. The size can’t keep the dogs away from their beloved owner’s laps, and here there is one of these dogs. The Bernese mountain dog is named Coco; she is very joyful and happy while she is sitting on her owner’s lap. Oh my god, it’s hilarious. This Bernese mountain dog is acting like a tiny puppy, and he is enjoying cuddling with his owner. What makes me laugh while watching this video, that Coco the Bernese mountain dog and her brother are taking much space from the couch, while you can’t see the owner, oh sorry we can see the legs in some scenes. This video simply proves that no matter what the size is, dogs always love to be treated like puppies; they want to sit on their owner’s lap and cuddle. Simply, they are the gentle giants, and the got such beautiful and big heart, the same as their size.

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Bernese mountain dogs are very huge in their size, their life span is about 6 to 8 years, this time it’s about the cost and the effort, because of its furry hair, daily grooming is essential. There is also many huge dogs breed like Great Dane and Saint Bernard dog, and that’s why their life span is not long.

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Huge dogs are always cute, watch this cute Great Dane dog getting jealous of his owner who is cuddling with his brother and leaving him alone! And don’t miss this video of a Great Dane dog who is sleeping on his owner’s pillow, you won’t stop laughing on what he did next.