A Humpback Whale Breaches On Top Of Kayakers

9-17-2015 4-14-27 PM

The whole internet now is talking about this humpback whale that was nearly about to crash a couple of kayakers, the whale breached out of the sea and accidently landed near them, the whale was about to land on both of them.

People who were watching the whale captured this moment when the humpback whale breached out of the water, the whale flipped and landed near the two kayakers. The video was capture by the Sanctuary Cruises Passenger, the humpback whale flipped for 180 degree. Thankfully, no humans were harmed in this situation and also the whale is doing well, but the kayakers had faced a scary moment yet a miraculous one. In the video, and at the 0:10 mark, the whale bleached over the sea, it was an amazing scene.

9-17-2015 4-15-08 PM

Michael Sack, who is the owner of the company, says that this is one of the most dangerous situations that he has ever seen. He also said that the number of reports increased, that the humpback whales appeared. The tourists in the video were wearing life vests, and the paddlers in the boat made their way to pick the tourists and they went back to the shore. Thankfully, the couple who were in the water handled the situation carefully.According to what happened, it was decided to suspend the whale-watching tours. As some biologists said, it seems thatthese tours are affecting the health of the whales so it should temporarily stop.

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The humpback whale is a very well-known whale breed, their scientific name is Megapteranovaeangliae, and there are also so many other whale breeds. The most famous breed is the killer whale. The humpback whale surprisingly can weigh about 36,000 kilograms; its life span is from 40 to 45 years old, and its length is about 12 to 16 meter long.

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