A husky dog wants to take the baby’s toy, what happened is priceless.

A husky dog wants to take the baby's toy, what happened is priceless.

There is a special bond between Siberian husky dogs and children, they are very good to kids, and there is a strong bond between them. Siberian husky dog is a perfect protector and loyal friend to your baby, but sometimes issues happens. In this adorable video, you will see the little baby girl sitting and playing with her toys, and by her side her husky friend. They are enjoying their time together, but it seems that the husky dog wants to play with the baby girl’s toy. Every time the girl catches it, the husky did his best to get it, she was like, go get one for yourself. I think the baby girl was about to start crying for her to toy. The husky dog didn’t give up; he kept on trying till he took the toy, finally. SHH please baby, don’t start crying, he is your dear friend and there are thousands of toys for you.

After the video was uploaded on YouTube, many viewers liked it, but some viewers had their negative reviews on it. As they said, it’s like leaving your girl in the middle of the road so anyone could hit her. The husky dog grabbed the toy from her hand, they said that maybe the husky dog will miss it by mistake and bite the girls hand instead. But the owner replied that the husky do is very careful and understanding, he is very gentle with her that he won’t hurt her ever.

Husky dogs are a very loyal and intelligent, the best companions, husky dogs are very protective, and his morals are very beautiful, you won’t stop loving them, they are very charming. Husky dogs are very smart and kind, they also known for their endless love for little kids, he is very caring about them, as some owners said; he is the perfect babysitter for their kids.