A Joyful Reunion between Nurse Nina Pham and her dog after she recovered from Ebola


Nina Pham is the 26 years old Texas nurse who was lately diagnosed with Ebola disease in October. She was infected with the disease after she was caring for Liberian National Thomas Eric Duncan who was having the same disease. Thankfully she had gotten better and finally was released from hospital after a battle with death. But the first thing that Nina thought about was her dog. She wanted to see her dog named Bentley; her dog was under quarantine for about three weeks because there were worries that the dog may carry the same Ebola disease. So they made for the dog some tests, and she was completely isolated in Dallas Animal Services, who also posted many amazing photos later for Bentley the dog. Caring for Bentley, Nina’s dog was very expensive, lots of money was needed for this but thankfully all the donations had covered it. It’s amazing to see how people supported Nina on her hard time, even by helping her precious dog.

Thankfully, all the tests that have been made on Nina’s dog were negative, Bentley was completely healthy, and it was then the time for the great reunion. They gave Bentley a bath and cleaned her up, and then it was the reunion time, tears and wagging tails. Bentley was very happy to reunite with her owner Nina and her family. It’s very joyful to see that the hard time Nina and her family faced, had just ended up with tears of joy.

Now, Nina will have a new start, and as she said, Bentley the dog was always the reminder of encouragement and hope, she was the one who helped Nina to never give up. Nina had given a speech lately after she was reunited with her dog, she was thankful for everyone who helped her and supported her in her hard days. Nina was thankful for everyone who did their best to care for Bentley when she was fighting the Ebola disease.