A K9 dog was shot in the head while chasing down a suspect.


Police dogs always sacrifice their lives for us, to protect their humans, and its amazing how, despite the hard job, they love what they do and they are happier than ever.

But this job, a police dog, isn’t quite peaceful, it’s dangerous, full of crimes and investigations; brave dogs only can do this job.

This is the story of the K9 dog, Bruno. Bruno and his partner, Officer R.J Young, were chasing down a suspect when Bruno the dog was shot by a man thought to have fired at probation officers, on March 20, 2014. Although the suspect was killed that day, no one else got hurt, thanks to Bruno.


Officer R.J Young, working with Anaheim, California’s police force, said that when Bruno the k9 dog got shot, it was the most horrifying thing he had ever seen, and his world just crumbled down when he saw the scene in front of him. Bruno the dog was bleeding profusely but he didn’t make a sound when he returned to the officer’s side. Officer Young rushed his partner as quick as he could to the emergency vet. Hospital and the 7-year-old K9 dog immediately got into a surgery.

The bullet was shot towards the head, and it had damaged Bruno’s jaw, lodged into his chest, and thankfully, it stopped less than an inch from his heart. With some kind of a miracle, the k9 dog was strong enough to pull through every surgery that he got in; he went through several surgeries to reconstruct his jaw and lung.

When Bruno was well enough to be finally released from the hospital, the K9 dog was retired from the force, and he went back home with his partner, Officer Young.


When the day came to take Bruno the k9 dog from the hospital, Officer Young said that Bruno is like a son to him, and for a happy ending, Bruno will live forever with his loyal partner, Officer Young.

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