A little dog protects his baby sister from “the dryer”

Cute Video

This is an adorable video, the whole thing is adorable, the baby, and the dog, the interactions between the two of them.  This dog is named Eekichi, the Shih-Tzu dog. The parents turn on a dog grooming blow dryer which they use in dog grooming, which makes a lot of loud noise, and it doesn’t produce heat as a vacuum, it just works that way. The little dog runs over to the baby and lies across her as if the dog is protecting her.  The parents turn the machine off then back on.  The dog does the same thing.  This happens over and over again.  It is quite obvious that the dog is protecting his baby sister.  Watch to see what the dog and his baby sister do. Don’t forget to share this funny video with your family and friends.

Lots of viewers on YouTube commented about the video that it’s a kind of terrorizing or abuse for the little dog. But the video maker said that it’s absolutely not right, because the machine doesn’t produce hot air, and he uses it for grooming the dog since he was young and the dog already isn’t afraid from it but he doesn’t like it, it’s normal between dogs especially Eekichi who is so annoyed by the whole grooming thing. He was just protecting his sister from it; he thought it will scare here. The video gained a huge success and thousands of shares, it also received about 2 million views.  Who can’t love this amazing protective dog ?