A little dog protects his unconscious owner on a busy street.

A little dog protects his unconscious owner on a busy street.

The best thing in this life is to have a loyal dog. This loyal dog simply proved that a dog is a man’s best friend and it is all shown in this story. The owner of this small white dog passed out while he was crossing a busy road with his dog in China, the man passed out in the middle of the street, and the small dog sat by his owner’s side and protected him as best as he could. People started to surround him; the small dog didn’t allow anyone to come beside him, even if it was the police. The small dog was upset and maybe a little scared, and when the ambulance arrived, they tried their best to take the man, but the small dog was barking each time they come closer, but thankfully, they reached for the man and distracted the dog, they put the man in the ambulance, then they found the dog moving in circles, and after a while, the dog was allowed to get into the ambulance and went with his owner to the hospital.

If you want loyalty, get a dog. It’s a simple quote that shows us the honest morals that a dog has. Every day, dogs present to us many examples of loyalty and faithfulness; relationships are stronger and deeper with dogs than between humans around you. They keep on defending, loving, and caring about their owners, you will find that your dog lives by the bond of love and loyalty, the bond that is between the human and the dog.

The video went viral on internet; it was shared in all social media websites and pet blogs, as a simple proof that a dog are a man’s best friend

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