A little girl adopted the dog moments before euthanasia, the dog’s reaction was priceless.

A little girl adopted the dog moments before euthanasia, the dog's reaction was priceless.

This video will catch your heart, and maybe will let you shed some happy tears, especially when you find the truth behind all of this. In this video, you will see this little girl who just adopted this sweet dog; she gave the dog a second chance in life. Surprisingly, the little girl adopted the dog moments before euthanasia. They way that the dog is sleeping on her lap and giving her hugs, is very touching, like he was thanking her for saving his life, or for giving him a chance to live, the dog is showing her how thankful he is, and how he is appreciating her. It’s very touching; get ready to shed happy tears.

I think that whatever we gave our dogs or did to them, it will not be like what they would do for us, they have bigger hearts than us. Dogs are very loyal and caring, loving and kind. Simply, dogs can fix anything; they can make everything better, it’s like, they have that magic. The least thing that you can do for a dog is to adopt one. There are thousands of dogs living there in shelters waiting for an owner, who will offer the dog a safe home, and in return, the dog will offer you deep love and endless joy, don’t you want to be that lucky one.

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If you think that dogs are loyal because they need a reward, or their true need for a home, a friend or food, think again. The relation between a dog and human is not ruled with needs; it comes from the nature of dogs itself. They live by the bond of love and loyalty, the bond that is between the human and the dog.

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