A loyal dog pushes his wheeled chair disabled owner.


This dog has made something that no one had ever done for this man, no one has offered him the hands of help, but this dog had offered him all the help that he could give. The story takes place In Wenzhou, the disabled old man in the video who is 86, all that is left for him is his dog and his wheel chair. His loyal dog is helping him every day, he is pushing the wheelchair for his owner every day and anytime he wants. The loyal dog pushes him around the town. This loyal dog is very caring for this man; it will be a little weird if this man asked the strangers each time to give him help. As Fu the disabled man said, he can push the wheelchair with his hands but his loyal dog is doing this for him. It seems that the loyal dog is really enjoying helping his owner. Sadly, Fu is a bagger, wherever they were, he stands beside his loyal dog and asks people for money. This loyal dog was with his owner for about 6 years, I wonder how the life of this man will be if this loyal dog had passed away, who will help him then? All what is left for this man is this loyal dog; he is the only companion and friend.

We hope for someone to help this man, government should help those people like Fu, they deserve to live normally without pain, this disabled man deserves to live an easier life. Not just him, also for his loyal dog. Beside all this, this dog is adorable, he is very loyal and caring, he felt the pain of his owner, despite the owner won’t offer him a safe home, or delicious treats, or even stuffed toys, all he offers for him is love.