A loyal dog waits for his owner in the airport; see what the dog did when his owner arrived.

6-8-2015 11-49-21 AM

We know how dogs react like when their owner comes back after a vacation or a trip, it’s all about faithfulness, love, and loyalty. Those three words are exactly what dogs are, even if it was for days, weeks, or years passed between them and their owners, they will keep their friendship deeply strong in their heart, and in memory, waiting for the reunion. When you play this video, you will see this Doberman dog that is waiting for his owner who was away for few weeks. The dog felt it when his owner was coming closer; he waited in front of the electric path. He waits for his owner, and when he found him coming, he started to wag his tail happily, and when he came closer, he jumped on him and showered him with kisses.

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Every day we know a story about how dogs react when their owners come back after a short or long period of time, we saw many of adorable and joyful moments of reunions. Dogs are very loyal, they can’t resist the distance between them and their friends, but even if the distance and time were long, the love of the dog to its owner stays the same and gets even bigger. This video simply shows how pets are loyal, faithful and loving. How they still remember their owners even after they go away for months or even years without forgetting them for a moment. Dogs teach us how to be faithful and truly love people who surround us, nothing is better in life than having a loyal pet.

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Nothing is more amazing than having a dog in your life; it’s a life changing thing! Watch this amazing reunion below and if you find it great, feel free to share it with your family and friends.