A man and his son find this creature seizing her life desperately in a TAR PIT!


There is no doubt this pup knows well what the worst shapes of man cruelty could look like, just like any other pup left alone to deal with a certain death! Thank to the kindhearted rescuers who found her and did all their efforts to save her life. Scroll down to know more about this unbelievable rescue story!

In Antofagasta, Chile, Jhonny Alquinta and his son were driving through the desert near their home, when they were shocked by finding what is literally considered as one of the cruelest actions that a human could ever do!

The father and his son spotted a dog struggling for her life at a tar pit. The pup was desperately trying not to drown under the thick sludge! They immediately called for help, but at the meantime, they began trying to save the poor dog’s life before it is too late.

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After they made a great effort together to pull that poor dog out of the tar pool, they were very much shocked by what they discovered. It was very clear to them that dog did not fall in that pool by accident! Although it is a very terrible thing to do to any living creature, someone threw this dog in that pool on purpose, and left him to die after putting her in a sack!

Afterwards, the man and his son rushed the pup to a local vet clinic, where no one was sure if this poor pup would make it after she was exposed to the toxins in the tar. The clinic staff leapt into action starting with carefully scrubbing the sticky tar from her body, which took them about four hours to remove it all!


Later, the veterinary clinic reported that the condition of the exhausted dog became stable. In the honor of perseverance of the pup who struggled so hard to keep herself floating, rescuers named her Quitrán, Spanish for “tar,” after the substance she beat to survive.


While Quitrán is still recovering, the veterinary clinic and the local authorities are investigating the doers of this awful action, they want to catch cruel person behind all this.

In the near future, when the pup fully recovers, the veterinary clinic staff will help her find a forever loving home where she can live the life she deserves.

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