A man films a bird eating directly from his hand in slow motion.

6-24-2015 3-13-07 AM

An amazing video was uploaded on Apple’s YouTube channel this month, it was recorded using the IPhone 6, the video was trying to prove how cool the camera’s lens is; what the camera had recorded was something fascinating.

A man puts a bread crumb on his finger, he captured the bird while it comes to catch the bread crumb, this moment happened in a second, but he captured it in a slow motion, in less than 15 seconds, the scene is adorable, it’s something that I’ve never seen before.

6-24-2015 3-13-22 AM

After the video was uploaded, it went viral all over the internet, and it gained more than million views. The music that is added to the video is making it also amazing; the track that was played is “The Birdwatcher” by Vulfpeck.

Despite this slow motion video, it’s an amazing idea to make food for birds and put it to them. In summer, it becomes very difficult for birds to find water or food, by creating this feeder you are making it way easier for them.

No one ever gets bored from watching birds, especially when they do some weird things that we never expect from them. Watch this video of a man who saved a little bird that was stuck in a PVC pipe, the man rescued him from the pipe and reunited him with his parents, and it was very touching. Don’t miss also to watch this video of a funny hummingbird that is snoring, it seems that the little hummingbird is very tired and she is in a deep sleep, really I loved it, you won’t believe what this cutie is doing. It’s joyful and happiness!

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Have you ever tried to feed birds before? It’s something joyful and interesting. Watch this video below and if you find it amazing, share it with your family and friends.