A man finds a lost dog and calls the number on its tag, that’s when he was told the ugly truth


The number of dogs who are dumped by their owners is terrifying.  The way these owners dump the helpless dogs is so heartbreaking and unbearable! What is really shocking is how easily they decide they don’t want their pets anymore! But what should these pets do? Where should they live?

Thankfully, there is a shimmer of hope in these heartbreaking stories that rest our faith in humanity once again. These kind hearted people miraculously gather the broken pieces in these pets’ hearts. Freyja’s story is not very different from what was mentioned above.


Freyja , the Siberian Husky  was dumped on the streets of Georgia all alone until a compassionate, merciful man found her. The man who rescued her, found a tag on her neck with her owner’s number and, as a good human, he called them to inform they that he found the sweet Husky.  He got the shock of his life when he was told that they weren’t looking for her.

Her rescuer and took her to the vet for a checkup.  Her one foggy eye is an old “war wound” which has no significant effect on her vision.  She received her shots, and was found to be 20 pounds underweight.

“Turns out she has heart worms…Probably why they dumped her,” says her rescuer. “Fixable, a little pricey, but whatever, she’s a good pup and worth it.”

“So to the asshats that ‘weren’t looking’…Thanks for the house broken and fully trained Husky.”

Freyja is lucky enough to be found by this good hearted man, who turns out to be not the first rescuer in his family. “My first dog growing up was a mutt covered in motor oil and its sh*t,” explains her new dad.

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