A man helped a cat who was stuck in a can! This man is a hero

 A man helped a cat who was stuck in a can! This man is a hero

OMG! My heart was about to stop while watching this, it’s totally terrifying; I am just trying to imagine if that man didn’t hear the screaming cries of this this little cat, what would have happened? I am very thankful that this cute cat has been freed by the end. It started when this grandpa was taking out the trash and he heard something like screaming to find out that it’s a cat which had its head is stuck in the can! The poor cat was trying to search for some food when she thought that there was something inside the can, she tried to take out her head but she couldn’t. He attempted to save the kitten and asked a passer-by to record a video for him while he is doing that, to show his grandchildren later. The little cat was screaming, she was totally terrified, but thankfully the helped her using a scissors. Finally the poor little cat breathed air and the light finally reached her eyes. After the cat was freed, she ran immediately, but I know that deep inside of her, she was very thankful for the man who saved her life.

Imagine how a lot of things that we do can harm little animals, like throwing a gum in the street, some birds die by getting stuck in it, because they aren’t able to move. Also don’t throw cans, to avoid something like what happened to this poor little cat, if she didn’t find that man to help her, she would have been dead. So don’t throw stuff on the streets, we have to try our best to avoid harming any animal. We must always put the trash in its own specific place, to avoid accidents like this one. Not every stray animal will be able to find someone to save them.

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