A man hit the dog by his car, what the bus driver did was an amazing act of kindness.


After we heard about the cat that jumped in the train tracks while he was with his owner on their way to the vet, here is a kind of the same story. It all started when a bus driver in Bogotá, Colombia, in night time noticed an injured dog, the dog was hit by a car in front of his eyes. The man decided to help the dog, so he didn’t hesitate to stop the bus and get down for it.

He got the dog and entered the bus, he flattened a cardboard box on the floor to put the injured dog on it. The bus driver told the passengers to look after the dog while he is driving, he told them also that he will drive to the nearest vet to let the dog in and get him treated for his injuries. The passengers were amazed by what the bus driver did; they were amazed by his humanity. One of them shared the story on Facebook and it went viral, showing the kindness inside of him


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What the driver did is an amazing act of kindness. Men like him keep our faith in humanity, in the same time that we see heartless people killing and hurting animals everywhere in the world, noble men like this bus driver are doing whatever they can to help this poor dog who was hit by a heartless person who didn’t think about stopping for minutes to check on the dog. Thankfully, the bus driver rescued him, if he wasn’t there, this dog would be dead by now.

It’s an amazing story to tell, if you think this man is a real hero, share it now with all of your family and friends.