A man noticed a stray dog living under a truck, he decided to save him!

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We see so many stray dogs on the streets, beaten up and so in need for help, but no one kind enough stops to help them. We live in a cruel world where anyone who wants to give up on his/her dog, throws him in the streets. Where people beat their dogs up even though their dogs are the only loyal thing in this place, they would protect you yet you beat them up. Humans are awful, and to be honest, some people never deserve having a loyal friend like a dog.

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However, there are actually some humans who are so humane and kind, and they are ready to do anything to help those stray dogs that constantly feel alone, and abandoned. Today’s story is so heartwarming; it’s about the man who rescued a dog that was living underneath a truck. One day, the man noticed that there is a dog living under a truck, and he was terrified. Absolutely terrified, and he would never get close to the man, which might explain that he had been beaten by his previous owners. The man have started to try and get the dog to trust him by giving him treats, and the man decided that once the dog trusts him, he will take the dog immediately to the vet.

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The dog’s condition was not good at all, his eyes, as you will see in the video, is inflamed. As the man said, his jaw looks as if it is broken, too. He has fleas on his body, and he just needed a quick medical check.

Then, after four days, the dog was finally okay! The dog decided to trust the man, and the man was able to take the dog to the vet. The dog now has good eyes, he is clean from fleas, and he has no heartworms, too! The man is still worried about his lungs, because the dog breathes heavily, but hopefully, everything will be pretty okay.

I can’t explain how I’m so thankful for this man, he completely changed the life of this dog. Never hesitate in saving a dog from a neglectful life, and share this story now with your family and friends; dogs’ lives matter.