A man pays a beautiful tribute for his dog, it’s tearful.

A man pays a beautiful tribute for his dog, it’s tearful.


Losing a dog that had been through a lot with you is painful; you simply cannot imagine your life without your life-companion. You don’t know who will be by your side when your long day has finally ended, and you need a long nap. Who will watch T.V with you, and who will walk side by side by you on your way to the park? There are so many things that you used to do with your dog that you won’t be able to do anymore, and it hurts. It’s also hard to move on from the death of your dog, and it makes everything a lot harder.


Today’s story will make you cry hard, it’s about a man who decided to pay tribute to his amazing dog, his life companion. Ben Moon’s beautiful tribute to his dog, Denali, is heartwarming and tearful. The video is from Denali’s perspective; it starts with Ben taking his loyal dog to everywhere they had been together. Denali shares his adventures and memories with his owner, Ben, and states that these were the good old days. Denali shares the sad, happy, touching stories of him and Ben, it teaches us how dog’s love can change a lot in a someone’s personality, and how it could get us through hard times.


We learn that Ben had cancer, but thankfully it got away. Denali shared the experience, and how he had never left Ben’s side when he was sick. Denali is so thankful that Ben is okay now, because it would have been so scary for him to go through his sickness without Ben. It’s amazing how Ben insisted on taking his dog everywhere again, recreating the memories one last time. Most people would have kept their dogs at home, but Ben didn’t want to leave his dog, not even for one second. The video is amazing; I highly recommend a tissue box next to you while watching this video.

This film has won a few awards, which it surely deserves because this video is amazingly special.

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