A man spent £300 to save his goldfish!

A man spent £300 to save his goldfish!

It’s very surprising to know the story behind this story, this goldfish in the pictures is having an operation that coasts about £300, and the reason was that it can’t remove waste. The owner was keeping this goldfish in a tank in his office, but he noticed that it’s struggling to remove waste, so he took the goldfish immediately to the vet. In the Toll Barn Veterinary Center in Norfolk, the vet told him that the goldfish needs an operation and it would coast £300. At first, he tried to find another treatment as an alternative solution, but he changed his mind after 10 minutes and decided to pay for the operation. Vet Faye Bethell, 29, started the surgery. She fed him water through a tube to keep his lungs wet, and then the surgery was done perfectly. It was about a 50 minutes operation and after that they gave the goldfish to her owner.

As vet Faye Bethell said, that he didn’t make a procedure like this to a goldfish before, but she did something like this on other types of fish, like crap. He also said that the goldfish was lovely; people love their pets that they are ready to pay for seeing them healthier. The operation was so expensive, but the owner wanted to save his beloved goldfish.


This surgery also was the weirdest ever to know about, from the weirdest stories that I knew about fish in the past few weeks was about that fish that was having a surgery to remove a tumor from her head, after her owner noticed the tumor while he was swimming. The thing about this story is that the fish was tiny, making a surgery for it was very hard, but I am very thankful for the vet who did the surgery. Read the full story here.