A miniature horse licking his dog friend; they’re adorable!

7-7-2015 11-14-27 PM

Ever seen a dog and a miniature horse playing together? No? Well, say hi to those two.

We all know that if dogs are socialized properly, they can be friends with almost anyone and everything. Same goes to horses, horses can be so aggressive or so friendly and nice. Here in this video, we have two different animals, and they are like best friends. We have a very nice miniature horse, and his dog friend, and guess what the miniature horse is doing? He is licking the dog! It’s as if grooming time and the horse is the dog’s groomer. The dog seems to be so happy with the licking that the miniature horse is doing, the dog even sleeps on his back so lazily, and the horse continues licking him. They’re just too adorable!

7-7-2015 11-14-57 PM

It’s not the first time to watch different animals playing with each other, let alone licking each other, like those two. We’ve seen so many encounters between different animals, and we sometimes wonder how come they get along with each that well? Well, the answer is simple. They don’t care about size, color, type, or anything that makes them different. We’ve seen cats and dogs cuddling and playing with each other, but that’s a not so surprising friendship nowadays. What’s really surprising is the unbreakable bonds between two completely different animals, like dogs and owls, or dogs and pigs. Sometimes the unbreakable bond is between a goat and horse, or a tiger and a dog! It happens in all sizes and shapes, but what they really care about is the having-fun time. We’ve also seen dogs adopting pigs or small kittens, it’s all adorable really.

7-7-2015 11-15-10 PM

Watch the video below, and don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends, they surely will be stunned!