A 16 years old mare gives birth to twin foals!

Tiki, an adorable American Paint Horse, has given birth to twin foals, Charming Opal and Woodcock Pocket. It is extremely rare for mares to give birth to twins, only one in every 10,000 cases might result in twin foals. It is not only about Tiki having twin, but she was 16 years old when this lovable twin was born, and that made the adorable mare an “older” mom.

The mum horse belongs to The Mason family who kept their eye on a series of ultrasounds, just to be sure that the foals were developing well. Luckily, the twin was born healthy at the Conley and Koontz Equine Hospital in Columbia City. According to the Huntington County Tab, the colt weighing 86 pounds was born first, just five minutes before midnight; he was a healthy baby horse. 10 minutes later after midnight, the 59-pound filly followed.

Despite the fact that only 9 percent of twin foal cases are carried out to term, both Tiki’s foals were healthy all through the pregnancy until their arrival.  They received love and care from day one. “Although the filly was the smaller, it turned out that she is the strongest of them, as she was up within 10 minutes and started to walk around” said Laura Mason.

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It is very common for mares that give birth to twin foals to abandon one of the babies, or both of them sometimes, but Tiki just kept on proving to be an attentive and loving mom for her foals.

In the amazing video below, you can watch the twin babies and their proud mom, right after she gave birth to them in 2011.

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