A mother dog hid her puppies under a porch and barked at anyone who got closer, see her rescue.

We all know how strong the mother instinct is in a mother dog, it’s mesmerizing and very heartwarming. However, it’s hard to take care of puppies when the mother is an abandoned, stray dog, with no enough nutrition, no health care or anything. The mother dog, when a stray one, is always frightened and so protective of her puppies, and always in search for nutrition to help in feeding her puppies. Life is so hard for stray mother dogs, and they always need our help, and thankfully, there are rescue organizations who are dedicated to help these dogs.

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Today’s rescue story is one that we hear a lot about. It’s a rescue of a mother dog, and her puppies that live underneath a house’s porch. Apparently, as said by the neighbor, there are no people in the house. The dog keeps barking, in fear of anyone getting closer to her babies, and if someone actually tries to, she will bark so hard at him. When the rescue arrived at the destined place, and tried to come down the porch where the dog and her puppies located, she barked hard. One courageous man entered, and he succeeded by putting a leash on her neck and grabbed her. At first, the mother dog was so scared, and she kept barking and squeaking, but when the man petted her, she relaxed and totally became a bit welcoming.

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After putting the mother dog in the truck, they took the puppies one by one. They decided to call the mother dog Angela, and the puppies are yet to be named. They took the puppies and their mother to a shelter, and they checked on them, and they were totally healthy. We’re so thankful that they got rescued, and we’re thankful for the people who helped in rescuing the sweet family.

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