A neglected dog gets a second chance at life, and he makes an amazing recovery.

7-13-2015 1-03-12 AM

I’m so glad he got to be all happy and healthy again!

It’s always heartbreaking and so hard to hear about a dog that has been left to suffer in the streets, or was abused and then his inhumane owners threw him in the streets; it’s just hard and cruel. How do they have the guts to hit or leave a dog alone, is something that I definitely do not understand. Dogs do not ever do one bad thing to us, they do all the things that should be able to make us laugh and be happy, however, we’re thankful for the people who help those neglected dogs.

7-13-2015 1-04-11 AM

Meet Benji, he was found wandering in the streets, and thankfully, Vet Ranch picked him up. They cannot determine his age or how much he had been abandoned, but Dr. Karri thinks he doesn’t look as old as he looks, and it’s only because of his messed up hair.

Benji was full of fleas, his teeth were pale and definitely needed some cleaning, and they checked up to see if they will find any worms. Dr. Karri first showered Benji, you can see how dirty he really was, but now at least he doesn’t have that much fleas anymore. Benji was at first so shy and he showed that he doesn’t trust Dr. Karri by running away from her, but after two days, he only got closer! He was already making a great progress. After that, they gave him a grooming session, and now he looked so handsome, they trimmed everything in thim, and he looks as clean as ever. It was now time to clean his teeth and solve all the problems that were causing him pain, including his hair.

7-13-2015 1-04-44 AM

Benji got a second chance at life, and he got adopted, and now he has a new, loving owner and a forever home. Isn’t it heartwarming? It’s amazing to see how they finally get the life they deserve. We’re so thankful for everyone who helped Benji get better and better, he had made a great recovery.