A Neglected Dog Woke Up From A Nightmare To Enjoy His Dream Home

Duffy is a dog who has suffered the worst cases of neglect.  He lived in the worst conditions which made his rescuers shocked! Duffy’s rescuers found him sitting in his own filth in a dirty laundry room. His white fur became matted and very dirty.

Duffy was found still! Luckily, he was one of 57 animals who were rescued that day from a puppy mill! Duffy was unable to walk or even stand on his own feet, so the rescuers had to carry him out where they offered him food, water and love, which he needed the most! It was not known if he could walk again or not! So this was a sign that he was hurt so badly!


Watch his amazing journey to his dream home. The Humane Society shelter uses donations to help to shut down all puppy mills and save dogs’ precious lives.


Here is another survivor of puppy mills, It’s heartwarming to see pure hearted people like those volunteers in ASPCA, doing their best to save dogs and give them second chances at life. The ASPCA went to rescue dogs from a puppy mill, but some of the dogs needed to be trained well before they were up for adoption. These problems occur due to the harsh lifestyle they endured when in the mills.   One of them was Coconut the rescued dog; when they first found her, she was scared, starving, shaking, not ready enough to interact with animals, each time they tried to get close to her she became scared. Watch the full story!

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