A new FBI law that makes animal cruelty a class a felony.

A new FBI law that makes animal cruelty a class a felony.

Whoever could harm or torture a pure soul of an animal, will easily harm a human, it’s the matter of appreciating lives. According to this fact, FBI had categorized animal abusing and cruelty as a class a felony with its own category, the law was set and categorized under four categorizes which are: simple or gross neglect, organized abuse, animal sexual abuse and intentional abuse and torture.

Those kinds of people must learn their lesson; they must get the suitable punishments, so their behavior won’t become worse. If they get help now, they will turn for a real human despite of being criminals. Back with the time, FBI previously considered animal abuse as a lesser crime. This new static will help in dealing with children who got early signs of trouble or animal abuse.

Maybe it took so much time for this law to be set, but it is the perfect step in the way of saving animals. Most of those warm hearted and humane persons are feeling sorry with the accidents and stories we hear every day about abusing innocent animals. Only animals’ rescue foundations and non-profit organizations are doing their job by saving who they could save. So it’s time for the law to take a place in this case. It’s the right time for this step as we are hoping for this happy peaceful life. We still dream about that day that we will see animals living happily and safe on this planet.


You can help and be a part of this, you can help saving a life of an innocent soul of an animal, you can volunteer in one of the shelters or animals’ rights organizations who are responsible to give help for those animals in need and rescue the abounded ones. Also, you can donate for the shelters; so many cases need money to be saved. You can also share the stories of saved animals or those animals that need donations. It will be amazing if you use the social media in sharing everything about animal abuse or leading an awareness to make people raise their children on loving animals. If you can’t do anything so it’s enough that deep in your heart, you are humane who can’t harm an animal.