A New Law That Changes The Lives Of Animals Forever Is Finally Passed



This is important news, not only for certain countries but for the whole world. Not long ago, Quebec and New Zealand — the former hot-spot for puppy mills due to lack of laws that prevent animal cruelty — decided that all animals, including puppies, are sentient beings.

Woman sitting in meadow with dog

If you are wondering what does this mean? Let us illustrate more! This basically means that every single furry, feathered and scaled animal, from livestock to pets, have their own feelings and emotions and for sure they have their own capacity of experiencing feelings like fear, pain, happiness, love, security and every other feelings that they feel.


Of course, this is not a surprising fact and every animal owner or animal lover knows for sure that all animals have feelings, it is not something new! I know we already know this, So what is this all about?!

The thing is that any animal abusers can now be convicted much more easily and will receive firm punishment. Thus investigators in animal cruelty cases can easily demand to see any animal if there is suspicion regarding their treatment arise. Besides, mistreated and abused animals can be seized with a warrant, and offenders or abusers will be hit with rising fines and jail time for repeated offenses. Additionally, cosmetic testing and research on animals is no longer allowed as well!


National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee, Dr. Virginia Williams explained, “the explicitness is what is new and marks another step along the animal welfare journey.” This law is a sigh of relief to ensure nothing will ever harm animals again! If an abuser makes a foolish act towards any animal, they will be brought to justice.

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h/t Life With Dogs