A new member had entered that cat’s family, but she offered him endless love

Cat nurses abandoned pit bull puppy

They said that cats are the kindest ever, and it’s really true. Every day they show us a different kind of morals, they are not just fighting for food, they also fight for love, care, and attention.

It all started when volunteers found a new born dog abandoned newborn puppy that didn’t open his eyes yet. They took the puppy to the shelter and the surprise was that the cat took care of the newborn and started to lick him and clean him, the same that she did for her tinny newborn kittens who also didn’t open their eyes yet. She treated the puppy like the he’s one of her babies; she is so loving and caring. Her morals didn’t allow her to leave that puppy without the love he needed in this conditions, and she is giving him another chance to live.


The video exceeds 100,000 viewers on YouTube, it was an unbelievable scene to this adorable family, they were all surprised with that cat’s reaction, and it was very kind of her. Others thought that maybe she can’t recognize that he is a puppy because he is the same color of her new born, but seriously, cats can know how her babies smell, and how the dog smells, they are not stupid, cats are very smart.


We are hoping for this kind cat to be taken for her safe home soon with her pretty amazing family.

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