A New Song Aims To Help Chained Dogs, And It’s Very Heart Touching

10-21-2015 4-28-51 PM

There are lots of celebrities who really care about animals, they are real animals’ lovers, who are doing their best to save animals and solve any issue about them. But actually we don’t see this a lot, a singer who writes a special song and dedicate it to the stray dogs out there, but surprisingly this is what Donna Hughes did, when she took her songs to an amazing new level when she decided to write a song not about people as usual, but this time the song is about dogs, chained dogs that are chained there all day, chained in hot weather or in cold rainy days.

10-21-2015 4-30-02 PM

By this song, Donna wanted to raise the awareness about those dogs, showing that’s an inhumane act, any owner leaving his dog in chains like this, is an irresponsible, heartless owner. The song is adorable, it’s really heart touching, it’s called “One Less Dog in the Cold”.

Here is a part of the song lyrics:

“I saw him every day, when I was driving by

Sometimes in the pouring rain, sometimes in the sunshine

I always wished he was mine, I shoulda took him home

One day I rode by, and he was gone

I couldn’t save him but I wish I had

And now he’s free from all the bad

Tonight in the falling snow

There’ll be one less dog in the cold

10-21-2015 4-31-10 PM

People like those owners really don’t deserve to own dogs, you will feel lots of sadness after listening to this song and after watching the video.

The lyrics of the song are really heart touching, we hope that one day we could save every dog chained out there. Now watch the music video, and if you liked the song, don’t forget to share it with all of your family and friends.