A New Two Nosed Dog Breed Is Seen Again! What Is The Truth Behind It?


From time to time, we find people talk about new breeds of dogs, and today we are coming with the latest news that there is a new dog breed that has breed discovered, now this is the first time for me to see something like this before, a dog with two noses? Explorer Colonel John Blashford-Snell has seen one of those dogs with two noses, and as he said, it’s a rare breed. This breed was named the Double-Nosed. Surprisingly, when Xingu was at the vet for a medical check, he said that he was not born with a cleft palate.


Blashford-Snell said that Xingu was not the first dog with two noses; he first saw a dog with two noses back in 2005. He said that he saw the dog while he was sitting around the fire, he was sober that night that he thought he is dreaming, but when he woke up the next day, he remembered the dog and searched for him, this dog is Xingu’s mother.

So what is the truth behind this breed? Does this mean that they have also a doubled smelling sends? No, it’s confirmed that their smelling sense is normal like other dogs. Are there any differences in the temper? No, Xingu is adorable; he is so curious and playful. Despite the unknown truth behind the Double-Nosed breed, Xingu is an adorable dog, and he looks beautiful the way he is, and these two noses will amaze the world.


A story like this happened in 1913 when explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett said that he saw some strange looking dogs in the Amazon jungle, and actually nobody believed him then.

What do you think about the double-nosed breed? I guess we will see lots of them in the next years. Now don’t forget to share this with your family and friends.