A New Updates About Athena, The Dog Who Was Buried Alive By Her Owner


Remember that horrible accident with the dog that was buried alive? It all started when an old dog was found buried up to her neck in France, her photos went viral, all over the internet and social media websites. Thankfully, now the dog is 100% recovered. She is very good and healthy now; she is very obedient and funny. Athena is now inFrance’s humane organization, and she will move soon to her forever home, where she will live with a loving, caring owner, who will let her live the life that she really deserves. People who saw the dog and helped her while she was in the vet hospital said that the dog is adorable and not aggressive at all, she is absolutely gentle. We all wish her an amazing life after all what she had with her heartless owner.


The dog is about 10 years old, and the investigations showed horrible facts. The one who buried the dog had put stones around the puppy and attached her leash to a bag of gravel so she wouldn’t escape. The owner was finally identified as he was taken by the police into custody. He denied that he did this to his dog; he said that the dog had run away from his house and he didn’t know anything about her since then. But it was found that the dog is having arthritis which makes it very hard for her to run away from her home. Investigations are still taking place, but it seems that this owner is hiding something, he is now facing animal cruelty charges and he might receive up to two years in jail or a fine up to $32,000, and he will not be able to own a pet for the rest of his life.


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