A noble man shares his breakfast everyday with his deer friends, It’s amazing

A noble man shares his breakfast everyday with his deer friends, It's amazing

This video is adorable, it’s an unbelievable sight! I want to keep on watching it for many times. This man is very kind and what he did is the best of all. As you see in the video, this man shares his breakfast with a big pack of deer, he walks out his door every day and he starts calling on the deer who are living around his house, all the deer come to him, and then he starts to feed them. What he is doing is very noble and kind, what I like most about this video is when the man told them “good morning”, he is treating them like they are a part of his family.

It’s very wonderful thing to help the deer and what this man is doing is an act of kindness that they wish it was in every one’s heart, in this world which is full of cruelty, however, some people see that its dangerous for the deer, offering food for the deer is slowly killing them, they are called wild animals, which means they depend on the food the man gives to them, and lose their “finding their own food” skills. But I think it’s a nice and kind thing of that man and it won’t harm the deer.

Deer are very beautiful animals which are illegal to keep in homes as pets. Deer also are perfect at swimming, and they are very fast, their speed can reach about 30 mph. A male deer is called “buck” but the large male is called “stag,” the female deer are called “doe,” and the baby deer is called “fawn,” while the group of deer called is “herd.” Also, you should know that the white spots on the deer’s body fade every day, the deer is born with those white spots but everyday these white spots decrease.

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