A Budgie Decides To Adopt A Store-Bought Egg, What They Found Inside It Was Shocking!

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After returning home from the supermarket with quail eggs, Luna, a YouTube user, noticed that her budgie, Pi-chan, grew an abnormal liking to one of the eggs and was attached to it. Without thinking or hesitation, Luna let Pi-chan adopt one of the eggs, and put it in Pi-chan’s nest to keep it warmed. Knowing that store-bought eggs are unfertilized, Luna watched Pi-chan’s efforts in vain.

That was until one day something unexpectedly happened. The store bought egg started to move around, leaving Luna and Pi-chan both in shock to see the result.

Born from this fault egg, the little chick was lucky enough to be born in a loving home with a loving adopted mother who selectively picked it. Maybe Pi-chan was longing to be a mother and that’s what made her select this certain egg. Maybe she felt that something alive would come out of this egg! Maybe she felt she can give a chance to this little one without even knowing for sure that this egg had a life tucked inside it!

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