A photographer captures the horrible truth about how garbage affects birds, and it’s totally SHOCKING.

4-5-2015 12-46-53 PM

At first, you will think that it’s a documentary that shows the amazing side of nature. In the Midway Island in the North Pacific Ocean, this photographer took his camera to capture the amazing birds, flying and enjoying the nature. But what he discovered is totally horrible!
If you think that the plastic container that is thrown in the ocean is going away and disappear from sight, this video will make you think again! Yes, maybe it’s gone, but it’s gone inside of those birds. You will be totally shocked to see what he found inside of them, which is actually causing their death. He found plastic bottles covers, shaves, and horrible things that kill them because they can’t digest!

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Have you ever imagined the other consequences for wildlife, we hope that this is also a wake-up call to everyone; the garbage you throw away can kill an animal. Imagine how a lot of things that we do can harm little animals, like throwing a gum in the street, some birds die by getting stuck in it, because they aren’t able to move. Also don’t throw cans, to avoid something like a cat stuck her head inside that can, if those animals didn’t find someone to help them, they would have been dead. So don’t throw stuff on the streets, we have to try our best to avoid harming any animal. We must always put the trash in its own specific place, to avoid accidents like this one. Not every stray animal will be able to find someone to save them.

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Remember how this trash can harm the life of animals. This video will help you think twice before throwing anything, it’s a wakeup call! Watch the video below and share this important message with all of your family and friends.