A Pit bull dog holding a bucket in his mouth, and the reason is the weirdest thing ever. It’s something you’ve never seen before.

A Pit bull dog holding a bucket in his mouth, and the reason is the weirdest thing ever. It's something you've never seen before.

It’s a really weird story to know, but this Pit bull is not like any other, this Pit bull dog that is named Booby has a very clever owner. Jose Suarez is the owner of Booby the pit bull; he had become a very important icon for tourists. He is letting his dog do a much weird job; Booby wears sunglasses, tugging on a bucket in his mouth, walking between the passersby, so they drop cash into this basket. It’s very weird yet funny, isn’t it? As his owner said, he discovered this whole thing by accident, when he found that his pit bull dog likes to hold objects in his mouth, it seems that he really enjoys it. He used to do this when his owner was working as a window washer, and while the pit bull dog was putting a bucket in his mouth, someone passed beside him and dropped some change into the bucket, so the owner Jose Suarez got this idea, and made it the job of Booby the pit bull. So as you see in this video, Booby is holding the bucket and walking between people who are giving him money. As his owner said, Booby collects over $20 per hour, and he also said that with the money that the Pit bull brings, he brings him food and his medical expenses that are needed.

It’s something that you didn’t see before, so what do you think about it? Is it cool? Do you think that this is not the job for the dog to bring food by himself? Or is it normal because the man can’t afford his needs but he still loves him?

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