A Pit bull dog showering her baby friend with licks, it’s adorable!

7-8-2015 8-15-52 PM

Who said that babies and dogs can’t be best friends? I mean, they sure are in this video, and they will definitely continue to be. This Pit bull is just amazingly adorable, she just can’t stop licking off her baby friend! Say hi to Zachary, the little baby boy who is just having the time of his life, being licked by his dog friend, Helena. Maybe the dog tastes like Helena’s favorite food, so she just can’t stop licking him. Or, Helena just loves her baby friend so much that she loves cleaning him. Helena doesn’t seem to mind giving the baby a shower with her licking, but when Helena started licking Zachary’s face, the mother had to cut their little licking show, so Helena wouldn’t lick the baby’s face. Then, Helena decided to lick the mother a bit. Helena the dog is just adorable, isn’t she? I’m sure the baby would love this video when he grows up and watches it.

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Who said that Pit bulls – or dogs in general – , should be nowhere near a baby? Well, whoever said that, they are wrong. When a dog and a baby are in the same room, you see nothing but happiness, and there’s always a positive atmosphere. Most dog owners give up on their dog when they’re expecting a baby on the way, but what they don’t know is that their baby and their dog will be the best of friends. It will give you a chance to record all the beautiful moments that they will encounter, and your baby will grow as a pet lover. Your dog also can be trained to not play tough with your baby, or just train him on what you don’t want to allow.

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