A Pit Bull Dog Was Found Heartlessly Chained, With A Heartbreaking Note


Sometimes we find surprising, unexpected things in our way. This is what happened to someone who was totally surprised when he found an abandoned dog with a note, the pit bull dog was chained to a fence, someone heartless left him chained, with a note by his side, the note is saying “Free dog, please Take”.

The pit bull dog was taken to the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, it’s located in Pennsylvania. Maybe it seemed that who left the dog abandoned is his original owner, and that’s what the rescuers guessed, but later the truth was revealed. The truth about Cesar is that he was lost; the owner’s kids were playing together with Cesar, and then he was lost. The family was worried that they alerted their neighborhood, in case that anyone have seen Cesar he should contact the family immediately. Sadly the dog was not microchipped, which makes it harder for them to find their dog.


The pit bull dog is named Cesar, he was very playful and funny, he has a sweet temper, he was very curious and excited, he loves to play with all the rescuers, the dog was in a good healthy condition. The pit bull dog loves to be cuddled and petted. Later, a friend of the family saw Cesar on a news report, so immediately he told his family and thankfully now Cesar is back. All of them were happy that he is back but till now they can’t find who chained him and wrote the note.


It’s important to keep an eye on your kids when they play with their dog to prevent things like this to happen, and you should make sure that all of them are playing in a safe, fenced place, it’s not dangerous only on your dogs, but it’s dangerous for your kids because they also can get lost.


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