A Pit bull dog was hit by a car and left abandoned, but the end is miraculous.

5-26-2015 10-01-23 PM

It’s very heartwarming to see rescuers in Hope for Paws doing their best to save animals in need. Isn’t it amazing? Seeing those people doing their best to save an animal in need is priceless, and as always, Hope for Paws’ volunteers are there, doing their best. They amaze us with their amazing short videos showing their rescues and this one is one of the most heartwarming rescues of all time.

5-26-2015 10-01-45 PM

It all started when Hope for Paws received a call about a stray pit bull that is in need for immediate rescue. Two volunteers went immediately to the place where the Pit bull dog was located. Thankfully, it was easy to find him; they started to drag him by throwing some cheese burgers as they always do to drag most of dogs, the dog was very cute and friendly, he wasn’t scared or terrified. But sadly, the dog was injured, they found the dog injured at his knee and he couldn’t kneel down which made it a little difficult for him to walk, and also made him very nervous.

5-26-2015 10-02-14 PM

The pit bull dog was very good with the volunteers, which made it easy for them to put the leash around his neck, they petted him and they took him immediately to the vet for the medical check. There they knew that this pit bull dog was hit by a car, but thankfully he was so lucky that he only have some bruises, they also started some physical treatment to fix the injured knee. Now this cute pit bull dog is named Danny, if you are willing to adopt him, you can then visit Bark N’ Bitches website: http://www.barknbitches.com , you can also visit the Hope for Paws website www.hopeforpaws.org to watch more rescue videos.

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