A police officer killed the family’s golden retriever dog in front of the family including children.

A police officer killed the family's golden retriever dog in front of the family including children.

This family is very heartbroken, after what happened to their beautiful three years old golden retriever dog named Marley. Marley was killed, in front of his owner’s eyes and her two young children, just a few days before Christmas. And now the heartbroken family is burying their murdered Golden Retriever dog and burying their memories with him.

It all started when the golden retriever dog went to meet the children at the bus stop as he was used to do every day. He was very playful and kind, he plays with all the children around, but this day he barked at a little girl and also followed her to her home. After that he returned to his own home and everything was fine as usual, till an officer showed up in the family’s driveway and told the owner of Marley that they should keep the dog on a leash when he visits the bus stop! But one day while Marley was returning to the house, she was shocked when she found that the coldhearted officer has opened fire on the pet, in the pet’s own yard! He fired off two rounds, and stopped for 30 seconds, and then he shot the golden retriever dog for the third time! As Rhiannon said, her kids were screaming, it was very hard on them to see their beloved Marley killed, her kids and her husband witnessed what happened. And all that the officer had to say about it was that “he feared for his life” and the dog was about to bite him! Dogs are like family members, and it’s very hard to see a family member murdered in front of your eyes.

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All that the kids wished for this Christmas was to have their Marly back, but sadly Marley had his two wings. They asked their parents to keep Marly’s collar. And all what they family wanted was justice.