A rare piebald fawn is adopted by a farmer after his mother rejected him.


Photo credit: WTEN / Facebook 

Nothing is more beautiful than deer, but this one is absolutely special, this fawn has a miraculous face, his face is white. Sadly, after this white faced fawn was born, his mother rejected him and left him abandoned because he looks different! She left her baby fawn abandoned, but later the fawn was adopted by some farmers in Cedar Springs, Michigan
The scientific truth behind this miraculous face is that he was born with a genetic defect known as Piebald, and surprisingly it’s a very rare thing that actually affects less than 1 percent of deer population. Because it’s something rare, that was the reason behind his mother abandoning him.
The farmers who adopted the cute fawn named him Dragon, this fawn will be bottle fed and well cared of until he grows up and then he will join the other deer in a fenced-in pasture. Just look at his amazing photos, he is looking adorably awesome.


Photo credit: WTEN / Facebook 

Deer’s weight starts from 30 to 300 kg; you will be amazed when you know that the largest deer ever was about 431 kg. Deer also are perfect in swimming, and they are very fast, their speed can reach about 30 mph. A male deer is called “buck” but the large male are called “stag”, the female deer are called “doe” , and the baby deer is called “fawn”, the group of deer is called, “herd.”


Deer are very good swimmers, they swim perfectly, as you see in the video they can control their steps in the water, they also can jump high. It’s good to know that the white spots on the deer body are fading every day, the deer is born with those white spots but everyday these white spots decrease.
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