A Raven Squawked For An Hour Before They Knew He Was Asking For Help

A wild raven perched on a family’s fence for over an hour.  He squawked non-stop for a whole hour! The family went to check on him, when they realized he was suffering in pain. He was stuck with four porcupine quills, one in his wing and three in his face.The family decided to give the raven, the help he needed because he couldn’t save himself. Standing still on the fence helpless and static was a clear sign that he was in a real pain!

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Thanks to the good people in this family, the raven got the help he needed and the help he asked for. It is such a good thing that they responded to his unspoken need of help!

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I believe animals and birds have their own way when asking for help.  They know exactly how to make people pay attention and they realize very well that the help will come only from good natured humans.  Here is another story to remind you that helping animals is something we should all do. A man helped a cat who was stuck in a can! It started when this grandpa was taking out the trash and he heard screaming, only to find out that it’s a cat which had its head  stuck in the can! The poor cat was trying to search for some food when she thought that there was something inside the can, she tried to take out her head but she couldn’t.

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He attempted to save the kitten and asked a passer-by to record a video of him while he helped the cat, so he can show his grandchildren later. The little cat was screaming, she was totally terrified, but thankfully the helped her using a scissors.

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