A red fox joins this man in his walk along the Pripyat! It’s amazing.

A red fox joins this man in his walk along the Pripyat! It's amazing.

Simply, these 50 seconds video will make your day, I am totally amazed by it. This man was having a winter walk near Pripyat, in northern Ukraine. Fortuitously, he saw a red fox. Surprisingly, the fox started to follow him, the fox was very friendly, he followed the man and walked with him along the Pripyat, the fox was like inviting him to play, for a few times it appeared like the fox wants to play with him and share some of his time together. The man gave him something to eat; it really is amazing; it looks like this cute red fox is familiar with people.

I know you are falling in love with this fox right now, and his cuteness made you think if it is possible to have foxes as pets. Actually, foxes already can live under any conditions and temperatures, but it’s not making it easy to have them as pets. It’s illegal to have a fox pet in some countries, but it’s legal in others, but with some conditions that you would offer them the same nature they are supposed to live in, like the wide space they must have, also not all types of foxes can be pets, some of them are suitable for missions. A fox can live for about 14 years; their speed is from 6 to 13 kilos per hour. Surprisingly, foxes are members of the dog family. A male fox is called dog, and the female fox is called vixen.

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