A rescue organization rescues 60 dogs from a horrible place.

Wherever you go, you will always find a stray dog, wandering around in the streets, searching for food, or water, or someone to give him unconditional love and care. There are so many dogs facing the cruelty of this life, and the inhumanity of some people, and it’s heartbreaking. Dogs are the most loyal animals in this world, yet we treat them as if they are the most degrading ones, what a shame. However, there are humane humans in this world, and they are doing their best to save all the abandoned and neglected dogs, and this is what The Humane Society of the United States is doing.

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In Cottonwood, Alabama, The Humane Society of the Untired States has rescued approximately 60 dogs from a suspected hog-dog fighting breeding ground, and the dogs’ conditions were horrible. It’s overwhelming, how they lack care and food, it’s unfair. When the Rescue team arrived to their destination, they were shocked and their hearts broke, it was like a nightmare. The dogs, skinnier than ever, were living in the freezing weather, and they would huddle together to keep each other warm. The puppies look as if they hadn’t been fed for more than weeks, and all of them are just neglected. The rescue team even found puppies in a car, and it was probably sheltering them from the cold. It was heartbreaking.

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Thankfully, the rescue team took all the dogs with them. They brought with them a huge truck, and it was heartwarming seeing the dogs licking their rescuers, as if they finally found hope in getting better and healthier. All the dogs were immediately taken to be checked on, and the rescuers mentioned that they have amazing vets who would do anything to save those adorable dogs. We’re so thankful for these people, really.

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It’s an amazing feeling, rescuing those dogs and knowing that you will be the reason why they are happy again. Watch the rescue below, and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.