A reunion between the dog and his owner, after 8 years!

6-1-2015 2-19-58 AM

The most terrifying moment for every pet owner is to find that your dog is missing. It’s shocking; the worst expectations start to fight in your head. Some people are lucky to find their pets and reunite back with them, but sadly some other people don’t, and the lost dogs become stray ones. But thankfully, today’s story has a happy ending, and it’s all so heartwarming.

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Joshua Edwards lost his beloved pet eight years ago, long time, huh? Most people would have lost hope to find their dog by that much time, and maybe Joshua did too, but I guess you should never lose hope. Joshua lost his dog, Duke, when he left him at the yard, and when he returned back, he didn’t find any dogs. But then after eight years, Joshua received a call from a pet chip company, telling him that we found a dog that you were listed on. We have to thank god that Joshua had his dog micro-chipped. In the video below, you will see the heartwarming reunion between Duke the dog and his owner, Joshua. At first, the dog smells his owner carefully, but then he remembers him. You can see how happy the dog is, it’s very heartwarming. The owner, Joshua, also loves his dog dearly, judging by how he cried.

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One of the most effective ways to protect your beloved pet and find him is to microchip him. It is very important for you as a pet owner to have your pet micro-chipped for this reason. The microchip is a non-identifying circuit; it’s placed under the dog’s skin or any other animal. It’s in the same size of a rice grain, so it’s important to have your pet micro-chipped.

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