A Shelter Cat Jumped On A Boy’s Lap Asking For Love Watch What Happened 11 Years Later

11 years ago, a shelter cat decided to reach out to a boy and jump on his lap asking for his love and attention.  This is the unique story of Ziggy and Jack!
This is Ziggy with his soul mate, Jack! “Jack is 20 and when we went to the shelter Jack was 9 years old,” Kristine S. said.


When Ziggy first saw Jack, he fell in love with him almost instantly!
“The kitten pen was too busy so Jack went into a crowded adult cat pen and sat down in a chair. Out of nowhere a little orange rocket came tearing out from under a bed and jumped onto Jack’s lap. He sat there purring, smooching and dribbling like a tap for ten minutes before I finally said to Jack we should look at kittens.

As we left I saw Ziggy scurry back under his little bed. Someone was trying to coax him out but he wouldn’t come. We spent some time playing with kittens before Jack finally said he couldn’t have any cat but Ziggy.”

Ziggy was around 4 years old, found as a stray cat.


“Jack begged and begged. We went back to Ziggy’s pen and he was nowhere to be seen. Jack walked in and all of a sudden Ziggy was right by his side, trying to climb his leg! I gave in and we took Ziggy home, and I’m so glad I did. He is the sweetest, most well behaved and most affectionate cat we have ever had.”

“He has little short legs, a wobbly tummy, fat little teddy bear paws, a terrible loud meow, and he dribbles like rain! He’s perfect and wonderful and he loves us all, but Jack is his soul mate, he loves Jack so much it’s hilarious to watch!”

“He was good as gold from the moment he arrived. We named him Ziggy because he was malnourished and had ‘bowie’ legs. Jack wanted to name him Snorkle because he snores when he’s asleep and snorks when he’s awake! He’s so treasured and loved, and we are very lucky to have him,” Kristine said.


Their unique bond is crystal clear and is visible in the photos.  He still climbs Jack’s legs. That is his favorite thing to do! Ziggy just turned 16 today! Happy and having fun with his once-in-a-life-time friend!
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