A Shih Tzu dog watching a video of another dog and started singing with it.

A Shih Tzu dog watching a video of another dog and started singing with it.

Munchkin is back again with a new adventure, but this time, he is not wearing any costume as he did before, we saw him once with a Santa Clause costume coming on a Santa cart in this cute video, and the other was in a teddy bear costume while he was playing on the treadmill in this video. Munchkin is such a cutie and full of energy, isn’t he? Munchkin is watching a video of a singing Shih-Tzu, and his reaction was surprising, he is singing with him, it’s very beautiful, this video is stunning and it will make your day.

As always, Munchkin made us fall in love with Shih Tzu dogs. You won’t find any smaller and cuter than them, also they are the funniest and the friendliest of all, they are active and out-going, and they are very loyal dogs. They catch hearts from the first sight. Their coat is silky and long, it’s Chinese breed, it only weights from 5 to 7 kilograms, with a life span of 10 to 16 years old. Those dogs need a special care; the Shih-Tzu dog has a very long hair coat which needs special kind of grooming and caring. The Shih-Tzu dog needs a very special care, attention and hard work. Their hair must be groomed regularly, with a special care with the eye area while you are trimming the hair. It will be awesome if you bring some toys to your Shih-Tzu dog, they are like babies, and they need toys to chew. Finally, if you have a Shih-Tzu dog, you must consider yourself as a lucky person because you own all the cuteness in your home.

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Watch this amazing video of Munchkin showing his talent, and if you find it cool, share it with your family and friends.