A skateboarding dog surprised protesters in Ukraine! It’s totally hilarious.

A skateboarding dog surprised protesters in Ukraine! It's totally hilarious.

WOW! I was totally amazed by this, despite that the police and protesters were busy with violent scenes; this bulldog was a visitor who is ready to amaze everyone there. He is a skater dog, and he is a professional. In Ukraine, during a protest, the dog decided to break it all up with his skateboard. This cute bulldog is named Sam, he is absolutely talented, and he broke through them skating in a very professional way! You will be totally amazed when you see how he is doing it. He didn’t care for the crowd, like he was really meant to make a surprise in the crowd. This is totally hilarious and impossible to ignore, the bulldog was very excited about what he is doing, he was skating and smashing the board in everyone, but simply, he didn’t care about it, all he cared about is just having fun. When people saw him, they started to grab their phones and cameras to record what this funny bulldog is doing, isn’t it amazing? Have you ever seen a dog with his talent before?

Bulldog is the cutest and the most adorable. They are funny and beautiful; also easy to train and it obviously appearing in this video, they can share lots of adventures with you.. Bulldog can’t get any cuter; they are one of the most amazing breeds. Bulldog is well-known with the sweetest and gentle dogs, and it’s completely true, they are kind and loving. They are the best companions; their normal weight is about 40 to 50 pounds, with a life span from 8 to 12 years old. Also they are known for their laziness, which makes it very important to exercise them daily to keep them fit.


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