A smart dog got excited by the food can being opened

6-16-2015 9-28-21 PM

Training your dog by yourself helps in creating a special bond between you and your dog. All you need is some patience and treats that he loves. This man trained his dog on a new trick, and also he used her love to the sound of the food can being opened. The dog was standing there waiting for her owner to bring her food, when she listened to the sound of the food can while it’s opened, she became so excited, and you won’t stop laughing at what she did when she heard it. She shakes her head like she is ready. But despite her excitement, the owner taught his dog to stand still and be patient till he puts the food in the bowl and ordered her to eat. The dog stood patiently till her owner ordered her to eat, it’s amazing.

6-16-2015 9-29-40 PM

This video was uploaded on YouTube on 15 June, and it gained more than 500,000 views in its first day, isn’t it amazing? This dog is so well trained!

If your dog doesn’t have the manners while eating, you should train them on behaving well and being organized, it just needs effort, patience and many treats. Training your dog on new tricks will help them improve their skills and their behavior. I think it’s all about the good training, and also the caring, if the owner didn’t take good care of the dog, it simply won’t do what the owner wants. All what you need is to be patient enough to teach your dog to do all of these things and more

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Have you ever tried to train your dog on something like this before? Watch this cute video and see what this smart dog did, and if you find it exciting, share it with your family and friends.