A storm Strands 200 Horses on atiny piece of Land… but what happens after that is amazing


In 2006, more than two hundred horses were surprised by a heavy storm in the Northern part of the Netherlands. A huge storm surge, pushed seawater into the earth outside the dikes of Marrum, a town 90 miles from Amsterdam. They were surrounded by water and at least 19 horses drowned and died of exposure and exhaustion.

International Press began to talk about the story of the Great Netherlands Horse Rescue, but the authorities’ efforts and attempts to rescue the horses continued to fail. A first rescue attempt with boats failed because they got stuck in the sand. Although during the first attempt, rescuers managed to save around twenty horses including the small foals. In order to save the horses, rescuers would have to attract the stranded herd through receding floodwaters to safe ground, all while riding horseback. No one ever thought it could be done in a safe, controlled manner.

In the mean time, the situation got more desperate and horses were growing weaker by the minute, they were on the brink of giving up.  After a couple of days the water resided a bit and that was a perfect change for a unique approach. And on November 3, 2006, a miracle took place.

A small group of women on horseback guided the two hundred horses back to safety 650 yards away and the entire herd followed without hesitation, except one horse.


Forty-year-old Norma Miedema is considered the unsung hero of the rescue. She was the first person to contact the authorities, refusing to relent until the horses were saved. And the six women, aged between 19 to 40, rode and rescued the herd.  They were honored by their government for their bravery and courage.

God bless the heroes who had the courage to do such honorable act. Share this story for those who need inspiration today!