A stray dog joining the musician and sings with him.

stray dog

This video is an epic and it’s a thing you will not watch every day, it will draw a smile on your face. When I saw this adorable video, I was amazed with this stray dog, at first, you will think that this stray dog belongs to the musician, but you will be surprised to know that it’s just a lonely stray dog who is just sitting down beside the musician and enjoying the music he is playing, not just that, the stray dog actually started to singing with the musician. You can listen to the amazing music the man is playing, and the howling of the dog, it actually goes on a rhythm, and the performance was really great. This stray dog is really talented.  It’s amazing to see the people passing by is helping the man and putting money into the bag, it seems like the stray dog helped the man to have a safe day. Some of them also stopped to pet the dog and cuddle with him. It’s definitely amazing, after that, the musician took that talented stray dog home, and they lived together.

 A stray dog joining the musician and sings with him.

Music has an effect on dogs, that’s what the latest studies had been proved. The dogs’ temper and actions are affected by music, so it’s true that dogs have music sense. At Queen University in Northern Island, a research had been created on a group of dogs, when they started to play classic music, they act calm and they were relaxed, but after playing pop and rock music they act different, they started to get active and started to bark. It proves that dogs are similar to people, and they are affected by what they hear. Dogs already have a strong sense of hearing and they interact with every surrounding sound. So let us start to form our pet’s music taste.

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