A stray dog rescued 10 new born puppies and their mom! He is a HERO


It’s normal to see a stray dog that is terrifying and scared from anyone who tries to come closer, this black dog did the same, he ran from anyone who tries to take any closer step, rescuers get used to it, but one day, he greets them in a very special way.

The rescuers found the dog coming towards them, greeting them with loud and panicked barks, rescuers knew then that there is something wired, because this dog never behaved like this before. So the rescuers decided to follow the dog, he leads them; they followed him to know what he wanted! And they were totally surprised to find the truth!

The courageous stray dog leads them to a mom and her puppies, sitting inside a burnt-out tree, there were about 10 puppies. The rescuers took the mom and her puppies, and the stray black dog; they caught them safely to the car. The mom was scared and terrified, but the rescuers did their best to calm her down.


The rescuers kept eye on Hero, the black stray dog, they wanted to make sure that the dog is treating the puppies and their mom gently, and they were amazed by the way he is treating them. He is a gentle and courageous dog. He was very loving, now he is not scared of the rescuers anymore.

Now, the mom and her puppies are in a foster home, and the puppies are healthy and growing up fast, one of them was found frozen, but now he is in a very good condition.


Hero may not be the biological father for those puppies, but he is truly loving and gentle, they are alive because of him, he is the real rescuer.

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