A stray kitten finds his new and unexpected dad.. during a house fire!

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A 6 week old stray kitten was recently absorbed in the flames of a horrible house fire, but something good happened from this horrible accident. Fortunately, It reunited the poor stray kitten with his future dad: a loving and brave firefighter.

With regard to the stray kitten’s life before the fire, it lived in a garage in Stroud Township, Pennsylvania.  The kitten was given a new name, Logi.  Logi and the rest of his cat family members were so quietly hidden that even the homeowners didn’t notice them.

The family accepted their hidden home, until a day in early November when an angry neighbor purportedly, according to witness, set fire to Logi’s garage.  After a disagreement he had with the homeowners.

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While Logi was trapped under a fallen shelf, the rest of his family escaped the flames. Luckily, Matt Smalley, from the Stroud Township Volunteer Fire Department arrived to the scene. “We were going through the rubble in the garage, when he heard these little faint cries” Smalley told The Morning Call. “We followed the sounds and found him lying under a plastic cabinet at the bottom of a pile of debris. He was alive, thankfully, but clearly not happy.”

Smalley took Logi to Creature Comforts Veterinary Services, to receive oxygen and the necessary attention for his burnt skin and wounds; his right ear melted by the flames and he had some patches on his skin, but he was able to survive.


Now, Logi lives with Smalley and his sweet dog, Bailey. They’ve been raising money for Logi’s medical treatments and so far their Go Fund Me page has raised over $2,000, far past the original $800 goal.

Thanks to generous hearts of online donors, all of Logi’s bills are now paid. If you like this happy ending, share this story with your friends!